Hi 👋 I've been helping companies save & make money by improving their product's UX for the last 4 years 📈

I'm focused on crafting designs that make an impact for companies by increasing user acquisition, activation, retention, referrals, and revenue.

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Conduct research to develop an understanding of the users and their needs


Define & Ideate

Compile and synthesize research to identify user challenges and generate ideas for potential solutions.


Design & Test

Create designs solutions that help users achieve their goals and then test the designs with user feedback.


Handoff & Track

Handoff the designs to the engineering team and track the success of the designs via KPIs.


My name is Juan Jacinto, I’m a Product Designer focused on user-centered design. After working in Los Angeles as a UX designer for some time, I decided to open my agency back home to help small local businesses grow and thrive. Once COVID-19 started having an impact on my town, I felt an even bigger responsibility to give back so made it my mission to help these small businesses in Ukiah, CA.

I’ve developed a human-centered design process focused on user research, problem definition, ideation, iteration, and testing. While being interested in all aspects of UX design, I’m most passionate about user research, ideation, visual design, and user testing.

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